“Question: Why are adoption fees so high?

Answer: The adoption fees are not high when you consider the amount of medical care and screening that goes into each rescue animal.

When you adopt from our rescue, you are taking into your family an animal that has been evaluated by a veterinarian, spayed or neutered, microchipped, vaccinated (DA2PV / Rabies / Bordatella), given current internal and external parasite control, and medical issues addressed. Frequently we have to cure the dog of illnesses picked up in the shelter like kennel cough or pneumonia. If the animal requires it, we do senior panels, xrays, dental procedures and other surgeries that are cost prohibitive and spend much more on the average dog in rescue than we will ever see from an adoption fee. Without our adoption fees, the rescue would not be able to save more dogs.

If you received a dog for free from someone, you would need to spend $425.00 to $880.00 or more in order to spay/neuter, microchip, fully vaccinate, provide a dental, and provide for any additional medical needs that the dog may require.

In addition, when you adopt an animal from a rescue, you allow another animal to be accepted into the rescue. You become a part of the No Kill process that we support.” (Source: PetFinder)

This doesn’t include all the supplies and gas and other costs we incur.  Shelters are subsidized by taxpayer money to care for their dogs.  We are not.


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